Zoe Manteau bomber avec garnitures végétaliennes et capuchon doublé en peluche

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Gardez le froid dehors tout en style cette saison avec ce magnifique manteau bomber complet avec une coquille extérieure douce, une bordure de capuchon en fausse fourrure luxueuse et un intérieur douillet en peluche blanche.

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  • Capuchon amovible doublé en peluche avec bordure de fausse fourrure amovible
  • Fermeture à glissière centrale à l'avant
  • Poches obliques en cuir végétalien et poches de côté avec fermeture à glissière contrastante et bouton pression avec logo au niveau des manches
  • Manchettes et col zip tempête en tricot côtelé
  • Fabriqué en Chine
  • 96% Polyester 4% Elastane
  • Enlever la fausse fourrure avant de laver. Laver à la machine à une température maximale de 30 °C, cycle délicat, laver séparément, ne pas blanchir, suspendre pour sécher, ne pas repasser.
  • Zone de confort jusqu'à -30 ºC , -20 Fahrenheit
  • Longueur: 26
Poitrine (pouces) 35"37"39.5"42"44.5"
Taille (pouces) 29"31"33.5"36"38.5"
Hanches (pouces) 39"41"43.5"46"48.5"

Customer Reviews

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Soft and Fluffy

I have had about a month to give this jacket a full wear in a bunch of different Ottawa weathers. When it arrived, I was a little skeptical to be honest. I did a water test on the fabric, and it seemed that some of the water absorbed instead of being wicked away, which was troublesome at first. Why NOIZE would design a winter parka-stayle jacket not to withstand water was a bit beyond me.

I wasn't 100% of the style because it rode a bit lower on the model than on me, but with time, this proved to be a very beneficial thing. Anyway, I tore off the tags and decided we would be taking on this winter on together, for better or for worse. Some plusses are definitely the length, the warm factor and that the sizing was true. I wasn't sold on the spotty 'salt and pepper' fur trim, but as a design choice, I can see what it was chosen and really like it now. The pockets are lined which I find wonderful. I've also made great use of the inner pocket for things like my bus pass so I don't have to keep hunting for it.

The pockets on the outside although warm, aren't very deep, so it's risky holding your cell phone. Anything I put in them just ultimately bulge out the front ruining the lines of the jacket and adding about 10lbs to me, so I avoid using the pockets. I do appreciate how I can wear a sweater underneath.

Overall, I absolutely love this jacket, and I'm excited to wear it as much as I do, which is every day now. I'm worried about getting stuck in a really wet day, but I would guess I have another more waterproof jacket for that. I air this one out after every wear. It's also not as prone to getting dirty as I thought it would be, as the fabric seems closer to cloth than anything too repellent.

So warm and cozy

Love it! It’s very warm and cozy.


I absolutely love this bomber jacket! Super warm and cozy. Fits very well. Easy to clean. Wear with a clear conscience.